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Puyo Puyo game

Discription: 1) Spheres(puyos) come down from the top of the game board in pairs. A player can move(left & right & down) and rotate them on their way down.
2) Spheres come in 4 different colors: red, blue, green, and yellow
3) Linking four or more spheres of the same color (horizontally, vertically or both(as in tetris)) removes them from the game board, allowing any sphere remaining to drop and fill the vacated space. This may lead to several possible "chain combos" if additional colors match.
4) The scoring is depends on the number of same color spheres forming tetris or chain combo and numberof chain combos formed at a single time. More the number more the score.
5) The level of the game automatically increased in the game progress depending on the number of spheres removed till.


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